20 Years

Designed & Built

Wilspec® technologies has been designing and building pressure, electrical and flow components for manufacturers world-wide, supporting both their business and innovation growth. Over the past twenty years, we have honed our ability to identify and develop components to better support your system’s design and your manufacturing processes. By investing our time in you, we are better able to support the quality of product by manufacturing directly for your needs. We have been able to succeed by supporting our customers’ quality and logistic needs with excellent quality control and delivery options to support growth. On our 20th Anniversary, we want to celebrate the engineering, manufacturing and logistic growth we are able to provide the industries we serve.

20 Years

Wilspec® Standard

Throughout our history, we have aimed to support our customers through innovations, quality and product growth. At our facilities in Europe, Asia and the US, our team succeeds in designing and building cost-effective, dependable products that fulfill your business goals and manufacturing requirements. Throughout our company’s growth, we have honed our Enterprise Resource Planning System and have implemented supply chain accountability standards to support your business growth.

Integrated Product Solutions

Wilspec®’s diverse product lined is a direct result of our customer’s need for a quality engineered, tested and manufactured component. Beginning in 2000 with our flagship product the Sentinel Series® Pressure Switch, Wilspec® now offers a comprehensive range of pressure, electrical and flow components designed and built for performance.

Pressure Products

Pressure Switch

Wilspec® pressure switches are engineered and manufactured for reliable fixed set-point pressure sensing needs for safety, process, and cycling applications.

Adjustable Pressure Controls

Our adjustable pressure switches allows for user-defined pressure sensing. Our bellow design allows for excellent dependable performance.

Pressure Transducer

The Titan Series® Pressure Transducer are manufactured for quality pressure reading across its range.

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Electrical Products


Wilspec run capacitors are manufactured for performance and life by utilizing our proprietary oil and film.


Developed with quality contacts and actuating arm, Wilspec® contactors are built for quality on-off controls.


Our relays were developed side-by-side with our contactors to ensure continuity and dependable performance.


Wilspec® transformers maintain step-down output though a combination of engineering and manufacturing efforts.

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Flow Products

Filter Driers

The Guardian Series Filter Driers protect your system against debris or contaminants that may be present in your system.

Reversing Valve

Wilspec® reversing valves are geometrically engineered for ease of performance year after year.

Ball Valve

Our relays were developed side-by-side with our contactors to ensure continuity and dependable performance.

Solenoid Valve

Wilspec® solenoid valves are engineered for excellent on-off control of your refrigerant.

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Up-Coming Products

Temperature Switch

Wilspec® is currently developing a temperature switched to better assist in safety and process control applications.

Sight Glass

Our sight glass options will help ensure that your refrigerant remains moisture free after service or installation.


Accumulators being developed by our engineering team can help extend the life of your compressors by assisting in the feeding of the oil lubricant-refrigeration mix back to the compressor.


Wilspec mufflers will help dampen the vibrations, reducing ware on your components.

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Planning & Distribution

Wilspec® celebrates our 20th Anniversary world-wide with locations in Europe, Asia and the US. As we grew our products and services, we began to develop key engineering, service and distribution areas to better serve our customers product and manufacturing needs. Over the years we have developed our Ready. Stock. Ship® logistics system to build around our customer’s growing needs for distribution solutions. With locations located in key manufacturing and distribution areas, we are able to effectively communicate and deliver information about product availability and create shipping and storage solutions to your business and manufacturing needs.

Join the Celebration

Wilspec® would like to invite you to our 20th Anniversary Webinar! With this concise webinar, you will learn more about our growing product portfolio, testing capabilities, services and up-comping new products. Join us on December 2nd to learn more!

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