Lab & Reliability Testing

Our lab is at the heart of our organization. In order to provide high-quality products, Wilspec®’s engineering team performs extensive mechanical and electrical testing to certify our controls meet or exceed application standards. In addition, our lab facility is routinely used to assist customers with qualification testing, performing a range of evaluative tests to verify form, fit and functionality, along with long-term reliability. Lastly, our lab plays a critical function in verifying new product designs and improvements that can offer extended performance and life for our components.

Our lab facility commonly performs the following range of testing:


• Endurance/Life Cycle Testing
• High/Low Temp Testing
• Shock/Vibration Testing
• HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing)
• Salt Spray/Corrosion Testing
• Leakage and Burst Testing
• Incoming Receiving Inspection, according to AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) standards
• Customer-Specific Testing (as requested)


• Endurance/Life Cycle Testing
• HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing)
• Electrical Load Testing
• Incoming Receiving Inspection, according to AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) standards
• Customer-Specific Testing (as requested)

Wilspec®’s drafting team leads the industry in providing state-of-the-art drawings and datasheets that drive our manufacturing process and provide customers with details on the specifications of our controls. The seamless integration of refined design techniques, superior drafting and efficient production means our products always meet customer needs and the technical information is readily available for customer review.

Wilspec® has set a unique standard for design workflow and document control, and our engineering team has been called upon to train other organizations on 3D drafting and modeling practices. Their continued commitment to engineering excellence has set the tone for the entire company.

From initial concept, to quality assurance, through qualification testing and product analysis, our lab plays a vital role at Wilspec®. Designs are prototyped and evaluated in our lab; production runs are checked for consistency as part of AQL standards; and product returns receive careful analysis from our lab technicians. This in-house testing gives our engineers an advantage, ensuring we provide our customers with the very best quality products and that we fully understand the application and environmental challenges these products will face.

Test Protocols

Wilspec® engineers are experts in the following test protocols:

• UL 873/EN 60730-2-6
• UL508
• UL207
• ASHRAE 63.1
• EN 12263
• EN 60252EIA 456-A
• UL 429
• Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
• Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

Our products are always designed and built with the customer in mind.