Research & Development

Our engineers strive to continuously improve the quality and performance of Wilspec® controls. Whether requirements change due to government mandate or competitive pressure to simply achieve more from existing equipment, Wilspec® designs and builds products that help our customers achieve their goals. From extended life pressure and electrical controls, to filter driers offering the best flow and best filtration rates in the industry, to valve products specially designed to work at low differential in variable speed systems, our engineering team has continued to re-imagine what controls can achieve within the most demanding environments.

Wilspec® has not stopped there. We have worked to bring the future into the present: creating a range of new solutions that will support the next generation of advanced systems and systems management. Like our pressure sensing line, this employs state-of-the-art electronics and customized calibration processes, provides radically-improved accuracy and advanced electrical protection for superior application control.

Whether it’s improvements to current technology, or creating the next generation of technology, Wilspec® engineering is focused on offering customers solutions that bring added value and improved performance.

Engineering Capability

Wilspec® develops each product based on specific customer needs: from first concept and prototype, through agency certification, to full production. Our design and product teams utilize the latest tools and laboratory methodologies to ensure product specifications and product performance exceed application needs. All while our process engineers work to ensure these same products can be cost-effectively produced in high volume.

The challenge lies in the numerous combinations of variables at play in customer applications. No one product can meet the multitude of different customer needs, ranging from heat pump systems and commercial cooling, to beverage and ice machines, data and telecom cooling, mobile refrigeration, and high-volume residential AC. For this reason, Wilspec® engineering works to correctly identify all customer requirements and ensures our products will provide the ideal solution for each performance challenge.

Ultimately, the goal of our engineering group is the continuous improvement of our products in order to meet or exceed these customer needs, while ensuring our products can remain cost competitive and provide years of trouble-free performance.