Corporate Citizenship

Wilspec Technologies, Inc. holds responsibility to better our communities by protecting one another as well as our environment.

Every decision we make, and every interaction we have with our customers, our manufacturing facilities, and even our competitors is a reflection of our commitment to living and working ethically and authentically.

Corporate citizenship is about more than our performance as a company. We’re invested in the success of our communities, and we believe it’s our responsibility to lead in making a difference globally for years to come.

Community Development

Wilspec® serves as a responsible member of the community and partners with local nonprofit organizations to give back in times of need. We’re proud supporters of American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma, First United Methodist Church, March of Dimes, National Society of Mathematics, and Special Olympics.

Employee Engagement

The spirit of openness we enjoy with our customers and suppliers begins with our internal culture. Our focus on our people, putting the right people in the right positions with the right tools, means we grow both our business and our future leadership the right way.

Work Environment

Because we encourage every member of the Wilspec® team to take on responsibility for our growth, we foster an environment in which each member is empowered to create success. Everyone you meet at Wilspec™ thrives on creating a positive experience for our customers.


Community service is a part of our company culture, and our employees are encouraged to volunteer at a nonprofit of their choice.  If your not for profit organization needs volunteer support, contact our global customer service team.

Statement on Human Rights

At Wilspec®, a commitment to human rights is as fundamental to our success as our engineering excellence and our superior customer support. That commitment is supported by three fundamental operating principles.


All employees will be treated with dignity and respect.

This principle forbids abuse, harassment, violence or any threats of the same.


All employees will be given opportunity to succeed.

Wilspec® stands firmly for equal opportunity. No employee at any Wilspec® facility will be discriminated against, and every employee will have access to on-the-job training and skills enhancement.

All employees will work in safe and lawful conditions.

Employees are trained to work safely, especially in our manufacturing environments. Employees should expect to work reasonable hours in suitable conditions, and will always be encouraged to voice concerns and questions to their superiors.