Company History

Our story centers on our conviction that when we enter into business with another company, we are truly joining forces with them. Wilspec Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2000 by owner and CEO Larry Wilhelm, who was driven to design and build quality components in a cost-effective way.

Wilhelm wanted to offer an alternative to the small monopoly of suppliers to the HVAC and Refrigeration markets, whose high prices and poor customer support had unfortunately become an industry standard by the end of the last century. Wilhelm’s vision was to create a successful company that builds premium components through nurturing a culture of collaboration and innovation, while also introducing customers to a new standard of service and support that is helpful, personable, and efficient.

Nearly two decades later, Wilspec® continues to preserve these founding principles, allowing us to serve customers globally through offering convenient services such as warehousing, logistics, customer support, competitive pricing, and reliable products.

Wilspec® has grown and adapted within the HVAC and Refrigeration Industry, hence time is on our side.