Manufacturing Capabilities

Every day, at Wilspec® facilities around the world, our team members succeed in designing and building cost-effective dependable products to the most exacting specifications. These facilities are audited by the world’s leading certification agencies and, additionally, play host to representatives from current and potential customers intent on evaluating our people, our processes and our products.

Visitors to our facilities pay witness to the systems and practices that allow us to manufacture a range of products that combine quality, reliability and performance with maximum efficiency. Automated processes and state-of-the-art tooling allow Wilspec® tremendous capability in both capacity output and in the performance repeatability of our products, with the added flexibility to produce a wide range of custom parts that give users the precise specifications they require for their application needs.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Wilspec™ ERP software manages the interactive functions of planning, inventory/materials management, purchasing, manufacturing, finance, accounting, sales, and services. Our ERP software capabilities allow us to effortlessly meet changing customer demands and allow flexibility to design and build new products.

Supply Chain Accountability

Our practices dictate that we not only hire according to a standard, but that we choose sub-suppliers who follow our same principles and uphold core Wilspec® values. Our Operations team is attentive to every part of our supply chain, and we qualify and audit our supply base rigorously. Wilspec® is committed to supply chain practices that foster a safe and respectful environment for all workers. We are dedicated to upholding the standards of the international community for juvenile laborers, working hours, and minimum wages. Wilspec® has pledged not to enter any business arrangement with sub-suppliers who employ child laborers, who discriminate in employment practices, or who do not maintain high levels of openness and transparency. Our sub-suppliers are routinely monitored for compliance in each of these areas. We use exceptional materials provided by exceptional suppliers. Every sub-supplier in our chain is expected to meet our stringent engineering standards, tightly-controlled manufacturing specifications, and our inviolable principles governing employee treatment and ethical business practices.