Mission & Values

Wilspec Technologies, Inc. is a dynamic global company with a combination of technical and engineering experience, knowledge, and personality.  Together, we are committed to serve.  – The Wilspec® Brand Promise

Wilspec®’s mission and values are conveyed in our brand’s promise to our customers and employees. Our mission is to build a long-lasting relationship with each customer and employee through a strong foundation as an innovative company.

We intend, without reservation, to be the very best manufacturer of sensors and controls in the Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, and Distribution markets. We will deliver reliable products at competitive prices and our growth will be driven by the service we provide, the solutions we design, and the inventory support we offer.

We know you deserve better products, service, and solutions. You will see this in our competitive pricing, always-available customer and technical support, reliable and safe products, and logistic and custom products solutions.

Our commitment to character means we treat our customers, our colleagues and our employees with respect and kindness, and that every member of our team is accountable for their part of the process. Our corporate culture nurtures an environment in which each member is empowered to create success. We don’t fear openness and transparency – in fact, we welcome it. We thrive with having an opportunity to understand our customers’ entire application and operation process from beginning to end, and to earn their trust along the way. Together, we are a team.

We want to invite you to experience the genuine partnership we enjoy with our customers and our employees. Our commitment to character fuels our positive, dynamic, and sustainable growth. Every Wilspec® employee brings with them the skills we need, and the integrity and determination we want. We prize openness and authenticity both inside our company and outside, and we believe in representing ourselves and our intentions honestly to our partners and employees.

Experience a new standard while working with Wilspec®.