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Wilspec® Control Series Transformers are manufactured for quality electrical output for continuous performance.

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Wilspec® transformers are an essential part of your system’s design and performance. Our class 2 transformers provide stable electrical power step down for lower voltage components in your system. Unlike compressors and fan motors that may utilize larger electrical loads, control boards, thermostats and other components utilize less power and can require a transformer to run effectively.

Series Specifications

  • Primary Voltages: 120-575Vac(Single or Multi-tap)
  • Secondary Voltage Rating: 12 or 24Vac
  • Secondary Output Ratings: 20-100VA
  • Over-current Protection: Fuse or Circuit Breaker
  • Operating Frequency: 50/60hz

Engineered Solutions

Designed for your application, Wilspec® engineers develop electrical product solutions to better meet your application. With custom sub-assembly and electrical mulita-tap capabilities, Wilspec® transformers were developed for dependable performance. We work with you to ensure that both the performance and agency certification requirements meet your manufacturing and business needs.

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Innovative Solutions

Wilspec® engineers are ready to design, build and manufacture components to meet your systems’ requirements. With locations in America, Germany and China, we have developed a long history serving diverse markets. Contact us today about your product needs!