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Engineering Expertise

Innovative Product & Service Solutions

Wilspec’s® team of engineers designs and builds our products to meet the rigorous testing that is
required by globally recognized certifications. Our products are both tested in-house and by third-party,
independent agencies so that they meet your needs. The new standard is the Wilspec® Standard.

Industry Served

  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Automotive/Transport
  • Natatorium/Pool
  • Food & Beverage

Distribution Solutions

Wilspec® strategically established locations in the US, Germany, and China better support the global manufacturing markets. Additionally, our products are engineered and manufactured to meet the safety and performance needs to insure compatibility for both foreign and domestic markets. Reach out to learn more about our product and service solutions.

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Innovative Solutions

Wilspec® engineers are ready to design, build and manufacture components to meet your systems’ requirements. With locations in America, Germany and China, we have developed a long history serving diverse markets. Contact us today about your product needs!