Wilspec Technologies, Inc. is committed to better environmental practices at all its global locations. We strive to not only outperform our competition with our products, but also in our investment in our communities. In an effort to lessen our environmental foot print, we are currently making strides to manufacture HVAC and HVAC related components in a more environmentally friendly manner. Wilspec® realizes the importance of taking steps to better communities that we work in, therefore in addition to our continued volunteer efforts, we are making changes to our energy, emissions, resources and waste management.

In an effort to lower our energy usage, Wilspec® will implement several strategies to lower our energy consumption beginning with energy monitoring. Energy monitoring is a very impactful way to decrease Wilspec®’s environmental foot print. In accordance with the Energy Saving Trust, a British organization that promotes energy efficiency and energy conservation, energy monitoring leads to a drop of energy usage between 5 and 15 percent after the first year of energy monitoring. While simply monitoring energy usage will not directly lead to lower consumption, it will help identify areas where energy can be saved. Within the manufacturing area, we will work to identify how much energy each lean line uses in order to identify where energy can be saved. By the end of 2017, Wilspec® intends to also implement energy saving devices in our offices and manufacturing plants. By implementing low power consumptions lighting and U. S. Energy Star rated appliances and equipment, Wilspec® should have a more efficient energy usage and a lower our environmental impact.

The effort to lessen the environmental impact does not stop at energy consumption, but extends to monitoring our emissions as well. At Wilspec®, we encourage our employees to use public or alternative forms of transportation. China has a goal to increase public transport to thirty percent in major cities. While working to promote public and alternative forms of transportation within Wilspec®, we are also looking into implementing solar energy at our America and China offices. Between 2011 and 2016 China increased its investment in renewable energy from $39 billion to $111 billion making it one of the top investors in renewable energy. With China’s continued efforts to promote renewable sources of energy, solar, wind and nuclear, Wilspec® Controls in China will strive to promote green energy efforts to cut down on emissions caused by energy production caused by both commuting and energy production.

In addition to trying to curb the overall carbon emissions, China is also making efforts manage water consumption across the country. Water has continued to be the topic of discussion as far as pollution is concerned. While Wilspec® does not use an abundance of fresh water compared to other companies, we continue to make water consumption a point of discussion in both our offices and manufacturing plants. In order to manage water usage more efficiently, and to lower our waste, Wilspec® has started implementing various water conservation methods. Brazing machines during the manufacturing process use a recycled water system and are implementing more processes to become more conscious about our water consumption during the manufacturing process. In the same way, we have implemented low flow toiletry fixtures in our offices. Wilspec® will maintain its efforts for better water conservation in the work place.

In addition to Wilspec® providing a better water management system, we utilize a system to improve our environmental performance in waste management. Wilspec® maintains that recycling, when possible, is the best option. In an effort to maintain that the communities that we thrive in stay clean, our entities follow local regulations to assist in the reduction of waste across all aspects. Our goal is to strengthen the management of waste materials, improve Wilspec®’s environmental performance and maintain a better working environment.

Wilsec®’s commitment is to maintain a low environmental impact in the communities that we work in. Our We work vigorously to produce quality product while working within our communities to provide a better working space.

Wilspec Technologies, Inc.

Wilspec Technologies, Inc. is a global manufacturer of Pressure Controls and Sensors, Electrical Controls and Valve and Line Components for the HVAC/Refrigeration and industrial markets.  Founded in 2000, Wilspec Technologies is a privately-held company headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, with facilities throughout North America, Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East.  The company is dedicated to providing cost-effective and reliable products to assist customers in achieving sustainable solutions that offer innovative change in the global marketplace.