Oklahoma City, Okla. – March 5, 2012 – Wilspec Technologies is proud to announce a featured article in the Jan./Feb./March 2012 edition of; American Builders Quarterly.

“The Piece Makers,” highlights key practices that have fundamentally been the driving force leading Wilspec to a ten year tenure. The article also emphasizes the global reach attained through exact customer specification of components, and a reliable team, savvy in customer service. Visit https://americanbuildersquarterly.com/2012/the-piece-makers/ for the complete story.

Wilspec Technologies is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensors and controls, electrical controls, valves and line components primarily for, but not limited to, HVAC/Refrigeration and industrial applications. Wilspec Technologies is headquartered in Oklahoma City, with offices in Germany and China, visit www.wilspec.com for more information.