Oklahoma City, Oka.- March 30, 2015- Wilspec Technologies, Inc. is now offering the first qualified 1-million-cycle pressure control in the industry, the company announced today.

The new 1-million-cycle control is designed to meet the extended life requirements of the beverage and ice machine market, as well as high-intensity applications like data centers and cell tower cooling. These Wilspec™ pressure controls are designed with high-performance stainless steel and rely on a proprietary process that reduces internal friction and significantly extends disc life, in excess of 1-million cycles.

“The Wilspec™ 1-million-cycle pressure control is the first qualified in the ice & beverage industry, and has helped Wilspec™ become the global leader of critical controls to this market segment,” said Steve Hopkins, Wilspec’s Vice President of Sales.  “These controls exceed the demands of the world’s largest beverage maker and of those manufacturing companies dispensing equipment for them.  Our pressure controls are now in use by the leading ice & beverage companies worldwide.”

“These extended life-cycle controls have also helped Wilspec™ become the recognized choice in the data center and telecom cooling markets, where uptime is critical and the threat of liability is high,” added Hopkins. “Leading global companies in the data center, cell tower cooling and precision air conditioning sectors, among others, depend on Wilspec™’s 1-million-cycle control to guarantee the long-term life of their systems and the data they protect.”

Wilspec Technologies, Inc.

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