Oklahoma City, Okla.- August 31, 2015- Wilspec Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer designing and building quality HVAC and Refrigeration components, celebrates its 15th anniversary this month.

“We started Wilspec Technologies 15 years ago with the mindset that we could create a successful company building premium components, nurturing a culture of collaboration and innovation, and introducing our customers to a new standard of service and support,” said Larry Wilhelm, founder and CEO. “This remains a cornerstone today, as we manufacture highly-reliable and safe products that bring value, create long-term affordability and enable our customers to optimize their applications and their operations.”

The company has enjoyed consistent annual growth, developing a global footprint that includes vital operations in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, but without sacrificing the core values which launched its success 15 years ago.  These values include a commitment to innovative engineering, logistics and customer support; and a willingness to explore and develop unique solutions in partnership with customer needs.

“The 15 year anniversary marks an important milestone for Wilspec™, as we look back on our incredible heritage of accomplishment,” shares Wilhelm.  “We are thankful to our customers and employees for their loyalty and dedication to Wilspec; of the unique culture we have developed and our constant commitment to achieving excellence.  I know the best is still yet to come.”

Wilspec Technologies, Inc.

Wilspec Technologies, Inc. is a global manufacturer of Pressure Controls and Sensors, Electrical Controls and Valve and Line Components for the HVAC/Refrigeration and Industrial markets.  Founded in 2000, Wilspec Technologies is a privately-held company headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, with facilities throughout North America, Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East. The company is dedicated to providing cost-effective and reliable products to assist customers in achieving sustainable solutions that offer innovative change in the global marketplace. For more information, go to: www.wilspec.com.