Oklahoma City, Okla.- September 2, 2015- Wilspec Technologies, Inc.’s HR, HS, HM, and HL Series Pressure Switch families have achieved ENEC certification.  ENEC, the European Norms Electrical Certification, is a highly-regulated European Mark specific to electrical products that demonstrates compliance with stringent European safety standards and reliability considerations.

Wilspec™ offers a wide range of reliable pressure limiting and fan cycling controls.  The addition of this ENEC certification further broadens Wilspec™’s certification portfolio, emphasizing the company’s dedication to engineered product quality, safety, and reliability.

This ENEC certification enhances Wilspec™’s reputation as the recognized choice in the HVAC and Refrigeration markets for pressure controls, where long-term safety, quality, and environmental protection are critical.

“The ENEC Certification assures that Wilspec™ pressure switches are entirely safe and perform with ease over a range of critical applications,” said Owen Wickenkamp, Wilspec Technologies, Inc., Director of Engineering.  “Not only do we want to ensure we have safe products, but we want our customers to have confidence that these products will readily comply and perform to all necessary European standards.”

Wilspec Technologies, Inc.

Wilspec Technologies, Inc. is a global manufacturer of Pressure Controls and Sensors, Electrical Controls and Valve and Line Components for the HVAC/Refrigeration and industrial markets.  Founded in 2000, Wilspec Technologies is a privately-held company headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, with facilities throughout North America, Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East.  The company is dedicated to providing cost-effective and reliable products to assist customers in achieving sustainable solutions that offer innovative change in the global marketplace.  For more information, go to www.wilspec.com.