While Wilspec Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to designing and manufacturing custom electronic sensors and controls for industrial applications(e.g. HVAC/Refrigeration, Heavy Vehicles and Rail) worldwide, the Oklahoma City-based organization has shown an equally impressive amount of dedication to charitable causes through its annual Season of Giving program.

“It creates a buzz of happiness in the office; a feeling that one person, coupled with another, can truly impact the way we live. It has been one of the best programs at our company for learning how to support one another and make out world a better place,” said Ashlie Wilhelm, Wilspec Technologies, Inc. Human Resources Manager.

After the team of 25 employees raised $25,000 for the American Red Cross in 2013 to help communities in Moore and Oklahoma City impacted by that year’s severe tornadoes, the company decided it wanted to continue challenging itself to raise money to help others.

Each year beginning in November, Wilspec encourages its U. S. employees to connect with the community through six intensive months of give-back and volunteer opportunities, focused on raising funds for charities and organizations significant to employees.

“This six-month period of time is a way we intensely reflect on our blessings, health, family, friends, company, community, state and world. It starts small and by the end of the six months, we have helped so many people through 10-20 charities or organizations that year, whether they be global or local,” said Wilhelm.

What started as an effort to support local cleanup efforts, quickly became an annual celebration of giving that has seen Wilspec employees raise $35,000 for the American Red Cross and more than $30,000 for the March of Dimes and tens of thousands of dollars more for charities and organizations over the last five years. 2019 has been the biggest year with over $45,000 donated so far!

Wilspec Technologies’ work with the March of Dimes has been significantly impactful with company founder and President, Larry Wilhelm and wife, Ashlie, becoming directly involved in developing programs such as ProjectNICU for families with babies hospitalized in newborn intensive care unites and Project Alex to provide bereavement boxes for families that have lost a newborn child.

“It’s really hard to describe what Wilspec means to the March of Dimes,” said Jennifer Lacy, Senior Development Manager for March of Dimes chapter. “Not just with money, but their time. What they manage to accomplish with so few people is just inspirational.”