Force Series

A Wilspec® Adjustable Pressure Control will stand up to the rigors of extended use.

Engineering Excellence

Wilspec  Shift Series pressure switches meet the rigorous US and European safety and performance standards.

  • ISO9001
  • UL 60730
  • PED EN12263
  • ROHS Compliant
  • China Quality Certificate (CQC)

Wilspec®’s APS units are available in both single and dual models, with your choice of manual or automatic resets.

With industry-standard mounting plates and flexible design, our adjustable pressure switches are easy to install and easy to use. We use premium silver contacts for excellent conductivity, low electrical resistance and superior wear characteristics.

Our switches can be configured with a variety of pressure fittings and electrical connections and can be set for low, medium or high electrical load capacity.


Adjustable set-point design
Laser-welded double bellows provide double protection
Brazed-on pressure fittings
Hermetic pressure sensing element
Premium Contacts ensure consistent electrical continuity
Easy to read markings
Customizable faceplate colors
Easy to install, easy to use
Industry standard mounting plates with flexible design


Single or Dual models
Auto / Manual Reset
SPDT Switch
Flare or Capillary Pressure Connection
Internal Electrical Connection, Wire Leads, or Wire Harness

Technical Specifications:

Temperature Range
High Pressure Adjustable Range
Low Pressure Adjustable Range
Adjustable Differential
Contact Ratings
Electrical Ratings

Designed & Built

Laser-welded bellows. Extended pressure ranges. Uncompromising design and build quality.

The hallmarks of a Wilspec® Adjustable Pressure Switch are unmistakable. The Wilspec® APS units carry forward the company’s legacy of engineering excellence — a natural outgrowth of our expertise in fixed-point pressure switches.

As global leaders in the design and build of mission-critical pressure controls, we are committed to providing safe and reliable tools for even the most demanding applications. Our in-house engineering team has worked diligently to develop a broad range of user-adjustable pressure switches ideally suited to commercial refrigeration and large-scale chilling operations.

Flexible Options

Wilspec® Adjustable Pressure Switches are available with a wide variety of pressure fitting and electrical connectors. Whether your application required one of our standard products or a completely custom arrangement, our broad array of options can be engineered for any system.

Your Wilspec® sales representative can help you find the right options for you.

Temperature Range

−50 ° to +70°C (−60 ° to +160°F)

High Pressure Ratings

Adjustable Range: 6 to 32 bar
Max Working Pressure: 34 bar
Burst Pressure: 136 bar

Low Pressure Ratings

Adjustable Range: -0.3 to 7 bar
Max Working Pressure: 20 bar
Burst Pressure: 80 bar

Contact Ratings

FLA: 12A at 120 / 240VAC
LRA: 72A at 120 / 240VAC
Composite Cu / AgNi Contacts

Materials with Medium Contact

Fitting Assembly: Brass / Bronze / Cu
High Pressure Bellows: Stainless Steel
Low Pressure Bellows: Brass / Bronze

Agency Approvals

UL, TÜV (EN12263), CE,
ISO 9001:2008

**all published specifications are for reference only. Please communicate with Wilspec® Engineering for information for specific part numbers.

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