Force Series Pressure Transducer

The Wilspec® Transducers are Precisely Engineered for Outstanding Accuracy.

Engineering Excellence

The Wilspec® pressure transducers go through rigorous testing which articulated product strengths and long-term reliability expectations.

  • Accuracy evaluation – over pressure range and temp requirements
  • Reliability over life – life cycle expectations, often considered under temp or environmental conditions
  • Vibrational and environmental evaluations – salt spray and environmental chamber testing
  • Burst testing – core pressure testing
Wilspec® transducers are precisely engineered for outstanding accuracy. 

Wilspec® offers a wide variety of pressure sensors for the industrial market. From the cost effective, reliable, piezo-resistive sensors for the HVAC and light industrial markets to high quality, hermetically sealed laboratory grade sensors for high accuracy and pressure applications.

We offer a wide range of pressure transducers to cover our customers’ unique market needs, from low-pressure systems to critical processes requiring the most accurate sensors available.

All Wilspec® transducers are engineered with custom electronics and proprietary software tools that calibrate each device, making them robust and efficient.


Highly-accurate, leak-free sensor
Proprietary software calibration process allows for customization
Integrated pressure fittings
Ratio-metric, Voltage-Regulated or Current Signals


NPT, SAE, SI, and Copper Tubes Pressure Fittings
Electrical Connectors or Wire Leads
Durable brass or stainless steel housings

Technical Specifications:

Pressure: Vacuum – 60,000 psig / 4137 bar
Electrical: 5 VDC, 12-32 VDC
Output: 0.5-4.5 VDC, 4-20 mA
Performance: 0.5% or 1.0% Accuracy
Life Rating: 10,000,000 cycles

*Custom accuracy and output specifications available on request

Designed & Built

Wilspec® is proud to design and build highly accurate, rugged pressure transducers for applications which require precision and durability.

Our transducers can be found in a wide range of applications:
• Aerospace
• Off-road
• Industrial

Whether you are managing complex environmental systems, safely monitoring critical industrial processes or looking for the most accurate sensors for a wide variety of media, the width and breadth of Wilspec® transducer lineup is without parallel.

Flexible Options

Wilspec® pressure transducers are available with a variety of pressure fitting and electrical connectors. Whether your application requires one of our standard products or a completely custom arrangement, our broad array of options can be engineered for any system configuration.

Presented here are a few of the common fittings and connectors we supply to our customers around the world. our Wilspec® sales representative can help you find the right options for you.

DT100 Standard Offerings

Pressure Range Mechanical ConnectionElectrical ConnectionApplication
0 to 150 [0 to 6.9]1/8" NPTMetri-PackAir compressors/Low pressure pump
0 to 200 [0 to 13.8]1/4" SAE Female FlareMetri-PackSuction side, Low pressure refrigerants
0 to 250 [0 to 17.2]1/4" SAE Female FlareMetri-PackSuction Side, High pressure refrigerants (R410a)
0 to 500 [0 to 34.5]1/4" SAE Female FlareMetri-PackDischarge side, Low pressure refrigerants (R134, R22, etc)
0 to 667 [0 to 46]1/4" SAE Female FlareMetri-PackDischarge side, High pressure refrigerants, (R410a)

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