Force Series

Wilspec® Pressure Switches feature a specially-calibrated stainless steel disc for exceptional performance.

Engineering Excellence

Wilspec® is one of the three companies in the world that meets the rigorous US and European safety and performance standards.

  • ISO9001
  • UL873
  • PED EN12263
  • ENEC EN60730
  • ROHS Compliant
  • China Quality Certificate (CQC)
Our standard product lines ­— available for low-pressure cutout, high-pressure cutout, or fan cycling — cover an incredible variety of applications. Our switches are commonly found in HVAC/R systems, rail transport, auto and heavy truck applications and industrial systems.

Our custom products are specifically designed and built for customers whose systems require more complex components. These custom switches can be created for virtually any application.

Wilspec® switches are available to meet a wide array of customer applications, including situations where extreme conditions or exceptional performance are essential.  Durable, reliable and compact, our controls can be equipped with a nearly limitless variety of pressure fittings and electrical connections, making them the ideal controls for any system application.

Safety Controls

Safety Controls

HM Series

Manual reset • SPST
Pilot Duty Loads

Safety Controls

Alarm Controls

HR Series

Auto reset • SPDT
Pilot Duty Loads

Safety Controls

Industrial Controls

HC Series

Sealed or Vented • SPST / SPDT
Motor / Pilot Duty Loads

Designed & Built

The ethos which guides the Wilspec® brand is our commitment to superior design and reliable build quality. From our sales and support staff, to our in-house engineering team, we are dedicated to building products, solutions and relationships which are designed to last.

Wilspec® combines a comprehensive, full-service standard product line with the flexibility required to produce highly-customized solutions for customers with more complex needs. Our wholly-owned production facilities enable us to provide cost-effective, valuable products which meet rigorous safety and reliability standards.

Because we have a  global sales and support staff, we can serve our customers anywhere in the world, and at any time. From our headquarters in the United States to our offices in Europe and our sales and production facilities in Asia, our presence in every corner of the world means you are never far from a knowledgeable, accessible expert who can help find the controls your systems need.

Flexible Options

Wilspec® Pressure Switches are available with a wide variety of pressure fitting and electrical connectors. Whether your application requires one of our standard products or a completely custom arrangment, our broad array of options can be engineered for any system configuration.

Presented here are a few of the common fittings and connectors we supply to our customers around the world. Your Wilspec® sales representative can help you find the right options for you.

Safety Controls


Safety Controls

Capillary Tube

Safety Controls

Swaged Cu tube Ø5mm

Safety Controls

1/8”-27 NPT

Safety Controls

3/8”-24 Male

Safety Controls

IP65-rated connector

Safety Controls

Mini locking plug

Safety Controls

Uninsulated male quick connect

Safety Controls

Insulated female quick connect

Safety Controls

Insulated flag terminal

Safety Controls

Uninsulated female quick connect

Safety Controls

Insulated male quick connect

Operating Ranges

ParameterMetricEnglish (USA)
Pressure Range0 to 50 bar0 to 725 psig
Minimum Proof Pressure17 to 69 bar250 to 800 psig
Burst Pressure345 bar5,000 psig
Ambient Temperature* -40°C to 85°C-40° to 185°F
Fluid Temperature*-55°C to 135°C-65° to 275°F
Storage Temperature* -60° to 105°C-75° to 220°F
Humidity Range0% to 98% RH
Max dew point: 30°C0% to 98% RH
Max dew point: 85°F
*Temperature ranges can be expanded to suit customer applications.

Electrical Ratings

24 Vac Pilot125 VA125 VA125 VA
120 Vac Inductive6 FLA6/8 FLA*13 FLA
36 LRA40.2 LRA65 LRA
240 Vac Inductive3 FLA4 FLA10 FLA
18 LRA 26 LRA45 LRA
*HR Series can be configured for 8 FLA @ 240 Vac

**all published specifications are for reference only. Please communicate with Wilspec® Engineering for information for specific part numbers.

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