Shift Series

The Shift Series valves are designed for applications that demand leak-free performance.

Engineering Excellence

Wilspec® is one of the three companies in the world that meets the rigorous US and European safety and performance standards.


  • ISO9001
  • UL Recognized
  • ROHS Compliant

The Wilspec® Shift Series of Ball Valves are designed for high pressure air conditioning and refrigeration applications that demand leak-free performance.

The Shift Series valves are forged from brass and precision-machined to guarantee optimum refrigerant flow with close-off torque and minimal pressure drop. The proprietary bi-flow design, utilizing an internal equalization system in the sphere, allows the user to mount the valve in the application without consideration of the flow direction. Each valve features flared copper tubes for efficient brazing of the valves into the refrigerant system. Optional access ports are available with or without an integrated Schrader valve.

Manufactured to the highest quality standard in an ISO 9001 certified facility, these reliable ball valves are available in a variety of connections.


Full Port Design for Maximum Performance and minimized pressure drop
Precision-Machined Forged brass constructions guarantee optimum refrigerant flow with close-off torque
Flared Copper tubes for efficient brazing
Optional Access port
Valve can be mounted without consideration of flow direction


Copper connections sized from 3/8” to 5”
With or Without Stem Cover
Flexible Mounting Configurations

Technical Specifications:

Operating Pressure: 0 to 700 psig/ 48 bar/ 4.8 MPA
Temperature Range: -40 C to 70C
Fluids: R22, R134A, R404A, R407C, R410A

Designed & Built

The ethos which guides the Wilspec® brand is our commitment to superior design and reliable build quality. From our sales and support staff, to our in-house engineering team, we are dedicated to building products, solutions and relationships which are designed to last.

Wilspec® combines a comprehensive, full-service standard product line with the flexibility required to produce highly-customized solutions for customers with more complex needs. Our wholly-owned production facilities enable us to provide cost-effective, valuable products which meet rigorous safety and reliability standards.

Because we have a  global sales and support staff, we can serve our customers anywhere in the world, and at any time. From our headquarters in the United States to our offices in Europe and our sales and production facilities in Asia, our presence in every corner of the world means you are never far from a knowledgeable, accessible expert who can help find the controls your systems need.

Refrigerant Ball Valve RVB

mm[in]Charge PortNo PortConnection
Size “A”
+0.2/-0 [+.008/-0]
mm [in]
Flare DepthFlare Depth
Port Size
"D" mm[in]"E" mm[in]"H" mm[in]"K" mm[in]"M" mm[in]"P" mm[in]
6.356.35[1/4”]RBV0202ARBV0202Z6.5[0.26]9.8[0.35]12.7[1/2”]139[5.47]22[0.87]M4 x 0.7mm4.1[0.16]55[2.17]29.5[1.16]
9.539.53[3/8”]RBV0303ARBV0303Z10.1[0.40]10.1[0.40]12.7[1/2”]139[5.47]22[0.87]M4 x 0.7mm4.1[0.16]55[2.17]29.5[1.16]
12.712.7[1/2”]RBV0404ARBV0404Z12.8[0.50]12[0.47]12.7[1/2”]159[6.26]22[0.87]M4 x 0.7mm4.1[0.16]55[2.17]29.5[1.16]
15.8815.88[5/8”]RBV0505ARBV0505Z16.1[0.63]12[0.47]12.7[1/2”]159[6.26]22[0.87]M4 x 0.7mm4.1[0.16]55[2.17]29.5[1.16]
19.0519.05[3/4”]RBV0606ARBV0606Z19.1[0.75]14[0.55]19[3/4”]190 [7.48]30 [1.18]M4 x 0.7mm4.1[0.16]67[2.64]38.5[1.52]
22.2322.23[7/8”]RBV0707ARBV0707Z22.3[0.88]17[0.67]19[3/4”]184 [7.2] 30[1.18]M4 x 0.7mm4.1[0.16]62.5[2.46]38.5[1.52]
28.5828.58[1 1/8”]RBV0909ARBV0909Z28.7[1.13]20[0.79]25[1”]215 [8.5]38[1.50]M4 x 0.7mm6.1[0.24]77[3.03]47.5[1.87]
34.9334.93[1 3/8”]RBV1111ARBV1111Z35.2[1.39]25[0.98]32[1 1/4”]252[9.92]48[1.89]M6 x 1.0mm6.1[0.24]94[3.70]62[2.44]
41.2841.28[1 5/8”]RBV1313ARBV1313Z41.5[1.63]29[1.14]38[1 1/2”]279[11.0]55[2.17]M6 x 1.0mm7.9[0.31]109[4.29]71[2.80]
53.9853.98[2 1/8”]RBV1717ARBV1717Z54.2[2.13]34[1.34]50.8[2”]305[12.0]74[2.91]M67.9[0.31]140.5[5.53]91[3.58]

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