Shift Series

The Shift Series Sight Glass provides leak free insight into your system’s performance

Engineering Excellence

The Wilspec® Shift Series Sight Glass provide a clear visual reference of the liquid flowing though your system. The application of this device can help provide an early indication of damage that can cause moisture to enter your refrigeration system.

A Wilspec® Sight Glass helps keep your machine in working order, and is a great in way to test the health of your machine. Each sight glass is equipped with an explosion proof press fit view glass for your safety, and can be fitted with either welded or threaded connections in order to fit your needs.

Our sight glass can not only be used to show if there is a high water cut in your system, no over-cooling in refrigerant liquid, or an insufficient charge, but if it is installed after the filter drier is in place, it can check the moisture content and if there is no sub-coating.

Technical Specifications:

Connection Size: .25″ to 1 1/8″
Max Working Pressure: 667 psig
Temperature Range: -40 C to 150 C
Fluids: R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507, lubrication oils, petroleum distillates, alcohols


Mechanical or Braze Fittings
Replaceable Core Options
Sight Glass Filter Drier Sub Assembly Options

Designed & Built

The Wilspec® Shift Series Sight Glass provides you with more than just simple additions to a machine to indicate there is enough oil or refrigerant for the system, it offers an opportunity to help you better monitor your applications. Our engineers are working hard to provide you a peace of mind that your system is in healthy conditions. We are committed to provide safe and reliable tools for the most demanding applications.

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