Shift Series

The Shift Series Solenoid Valves are engineered to provide you with dependable performance for every application.

Engineering Excellence

Wilspec® engineers and manufactures solenoid valves for the HVAC, Industrial Automation, and Food & Beverage industries. Wilspec® solenoid valves boast numerous certifications including CE, UL Recognized, and TUV Certified.

Wilspec® Shift Series Solenoid Valves are specifically engineered to control the flow of liquid in your systems. Engineered to be either direct operated or pilot operated, Wilspec® solenoid valves can be utilized in a number of applications including general purpose on-off control, control loops, and process control systems, among other OEM applications.

Improper flow of liquids or gases in your system can result in various problems in your system including malfunctioning system processes. Wilspec® Gatekeeper Solenoid Valves are engineered to meet the application and engineering of your system.  Available in standard straight tube, 90 degree, straight off-set and custom configurations, each valve is engineered and manufactured to meet your system capacity and electrical actuation needs.

In order to better serve all your markets and locations, Wilspec® certified our solenoid valves to meet the global certifications for North America, Europe and Asia meeting UL and TUV requirements.


Durable Pure Copper Tubes
Hermetically Sealed Construction
Optimized Electromagnetic Coil
Premium Seal Materials


90°, 180°, Offset, Custom Configuration

Technical Specifications:

Fluid Temperature:-35°C to +130°C
Ambient Temperature:-20°C to +55°C
Max Operating Pressure: 609psi
Max Actuating Pressure Differential: 377psi
Max Opening Pressure: 362psi
Min Opening Pressure: 43psi
Cycle Life: 300K

Designed & Built

From custom engineered solutions to a reliable logistics program, Wilspec® takes pride in our ability to provide you with a fully integrated service to meet the needs of your system.

Wilspec’s® addition of the solenoid valve to our comprehensive line of pressure, electrical and valve & line components furthers our ability to ease the fluid flow of your system. Every solenoid valve is engineered to meet your media, application, voltage and capacity so that you can be ensured that the system is functioning at all times. Wilspec® Gatekeeper Series Solenoid Valves are engineered to help automate your system’s fluid controls.

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